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How to lose fat….you already know the answer.

If you could change one thing about your body I’m guessing that most people would say ‘I could do with losing some of this’ (followed by the obligatory pinch of belly flab and giving it a tug). So why is it so damn complicated?

Before is was all low fat and spandex, then it was hate carbs, now it’s love carbs and everyone cooks with coconut oil and eats super foods blah blah blah….The trend at the minute is the Uber science approach. I actually love reading articles, text books, scientific journals because I love the rocket science behind it all; fitness nerd alert! However, the more I have read (which is a lot) I find, when it comes to life in context, it just doesn’t mean jack to the average person. How many of you have tried to read some of this and are no more knowledgeable, in fact, you’re just bloody confused!

The problem is one of a few things.

1. The info is just too complex to understand

2. It’s written by a half educated moron so it’s regurgitated nonsense that he doesn’t even understand

3. It’s not even relevant to you. It is directed to the elite who abide by different rules to normal people.

First thing. If you are a normal person looking to lose body fat and just live a normal life then stop reading such complicated articles. They are usually trying to make the author seem more knowledgeable to sell their services by baffling you with technical jargon. Secondly, the depth that they go to explaining at a cellular level has no relevance as the take home message is the same regardless. Lastly, if you are highly muscled, lean, super fit, a tri-athlete or competitive sports person, your body is finely tuned and runs like a machine so you can tolerate masses of carbs or fats or proteins. You need hugely intense workouts or body part splits etc. The average person doesn’t need any of this.

So here it is, the best selling pamphlet on how to lose body fat, and here’s the kicker folks, you know it already.

You are too sedentry in your automated life. Get off your ass and move more. Walk, run, cycle, lift, circuits, classes, whatever! just do it. Do it so it makes you tired and do it often. No excuses, just find the time.Your energy balance is out. For whatever reason you’re accumulating more energy than you’re expending. The remedy? Move more and control your food. Eat three square meals a day that make you feel full and try to exercise at least every other day, also, try to be physically active everyday. This will give you energy to train, you’ll sleep better and your body will just run better. See, no big words about bloody hormones or whatever!When you do eat try to limit processed crap and alcohol. Eat food that looked like it did when it was grown. This ensures proper nutrient density. Have protein, carbs, fats and vegetables in your meals.The more you expose yourself to exercise, the more each workout moves you forward. I.e you get fitter and better at burning fat and calories etc. The more intensity you can bring to your workout the leaner, fitter and more muscular you’ll become.Lastly, keep going! Don’t quit. Winners never gave up even when it was tough. I never said it was easy it’s just not complicated. The best diets are the ones you can stick to, so make a plan, stick to it and keep going until you’re in better shape. I promise it works, the only thing holding you back is you.

So, with all the science we have searching for answers, making new discoveries, it’s like we’re still waiting for that one discovery that’ll make us all slim by eating a pill or whatever. The truth is the answer is staring you right in the face, you’ve known it all along.

Find me at for one-on-one, consultations, diet or training advice or if you just want a great place to train.

Keep on liftin’ Ali ‘Fat Al’ Stewart

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