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“I’ve been training for over 20 years and i could never shift the fat. I found Ali Stewart through a friend of mine and he totally changed my way of thinking, eating and training. In just 14 weeks i dropped 2 stone and I’ve never looked better. I’m 47 this year and I only wish I’d met Ali 20 years ago!”

S Dennett 02/2018

"I can honestly say that his gym is the best and the main reason i have kept going so long. I’ve followed Al from training in his 1st gym in the “shed” right through to where he is now and I'm gutted to be leaving. On the plus side i’ve made some good friends like Luke Austin and had some great advice along the way.
I cannot thank Ali Stewart PT enough for all he has done for me over the years, dishing out advice & even letting Summer train with me for free. He is not just the guy who owns the gym but he has also become a good friend.
If anyone is ever thinking of joining a gym then go and join Fat Als. Everyone there makes you feel welcome and there are no ego’s. The place is full with everything you need and there are always people there to give you advice if you need it. Also the monthly fee is very very low.They also have the best PT trainers."
K Wade 03/2017

"This time the benefits have been multiple!
We have done exercises that are specific to my needs and he has subsequently adapted the routine according to my ability on the day. He explains what we are doing and how the exercise is of benefit. The session is always varied and he is conscious of what we did in the previous session and ensures we do not repeat it! Going to the gym has never been a great pleasure for me, but Ali has shown me what I can do independently and his encouragement is of great help to me! Thank you Ali!”

A Helm 05/2017

"Fantastic machines, and equipment .Al has opened my eyes up to a new way of training. I thought I would feel out of place there, huge fat girl in a lifting gym, but not at all. Everyone so far has seemed friendly. The building is nice bright and airy. The best of all its VERY CLEAN!"

D wheeler 08/2016

”I had 12 weeks to fit into my wedding dress. The dress was a 12, I was a 16! Kelly Stewart really helped me and whipped me into shape. She gave me great eating tips and her sessions flew by. I have managed to keep the weight off 6 months later. I love her to bits!”
L Moss 03/2017

“Thank you! These articles are brilliant, straight to the point and easy to understand – and very inspiring even for the totally unfit me! I think I will try to up the intensity of my exercise as my weight loss has definitely slowed down now I have lost 2 stone.”
K Utterson 11/2017

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