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What do you really want?

When I sit down with clients the first thing I ask them is ‘what do you want to achieve?’ I think it is a pretty straight forward question, but the truth is that most people don’t really know what they want. Generally you get the same answers such as, a smaller waist/bum/legs or bigger arms/shoulders/chest. This is all fine, who wouldn’t want that?

The problem comes in when your perceived ideal is clouded by the myriad of conflicting information that there is out there. The default setting is eat less or cut carbs and do a boat load of CV. The real trick is to try to understand your body and why it’s not in the shape that you want, then, take steps to improve it.

In order to drop fat your body must be in a state that will even allow you to burn fat. Think of it like your car. If you’ve abused it for years with the wrong fuel, and it’s not been serviced or used regularly, would you even expect it to run? Your car cannot burn fuel if it doesn’t start, or it certainly wont run well if it’s been poorly cared for.

Your body is the same. By giving it poor quality foods or the wrong types of food for too long, and by not moving regularly or resting properly, your body turns into an old banger. When, and only when your body is fed well and looked after with regular sleep and exercise, will it be able to use body fat as a fuel source so you can get slimmer. That goes for adding muscle tissue too. You simply will not grow if you don’t first get your body to a happy state.

So when I ask ‘what do you want to achieve?’ the first answer should be, please get my car back on the road….. Or, ‘I need to learn how to look after my body’. It isn’t difficult, it usually means just a few habitual changes for the better (not as easy as you think to stick with) but when you have put these practices in place, and have devoted time each week to exercise, you will find that changing your body shape comes easily.

Hopefully you understand that to make a change it’s not about which diet to follow or which trainer does what, it is about shifting your focus onto what is important in life and what should be a priority. We are animals with fundamental needs, these have been forgotten because we work too hard and convenience beats preparation. Learn to look after yourself better and your body will improve.

If you would like to discuss this one on one, discuss food or training in more detail contact me via my website.

Keep on liftin’

Ali ‘Fat Al’ Stewart

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