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The one thing you’re not doing to drop fat…

Why is that you see properly ripped people in the media, in the gym or just in normal life, and whatever you do, it just doesn’t seem to work?

Most people have one of those mildly irritating friends or acquaintances that was in bad shape and all of a sudden is in great shape. They can’t stop banging on about how easy it was and they’ve changed their life. It seems like every conversation they have from now on is about healthy choices, eating kale and flax seeds or some rubbish like that….

What is it that they really did do? Can it be that easy? What am I not doing?

The one main factor I see when people who don’t get results, is that there is little to no consistency. Most people can do a diet for a week or join a gym for a month but it soon peters out…why. It seems like if all the planets haven’t aligned, your moon isn’t in Venus, you’re not quite in the mood, you slept a bit badly, you strained your finger or whatever other spurious reason you concoct, it all means you couldn’t possibly train or just make your own food for the day.

The simple fact is; if you remove all the complicated nonsense,  you can achieve fat loss if you eat what your body needs to work properly, and, you burn more calories than you put in. You need consistency in eating your food, good food, and regularly. This gives a high metabolism, a high metabolism means your body runs better and burns fats happily. Regular exercise burns up calories. If you burn more than you put in your body will eat away at the excess fat stores. If you don’t adhere to this basic principle it won’t work.

But you know this already….So why doesn’t it work?!!!?

Here’s the kicker….It does. Your haphazard application is what fails. Keep this simple premise up for 6 months and you’ll have actual real results that stay. It is a simple understanding of numbers in vs numbers out for the vast majority of people hoping to reduce their fat. This is not a method for getting totally ripped as that takes a little more finesse, (before all the super ripped bods tear into me) it is however, the method that will suffice for the average person looking to get into reasonable shape.

The last question you’ll ask is; “how much food is enough and how much exercise do I do?”

That is down to the individual and is why consistency is key. If you have a regulated starting point you can adjust as you go. I’d recommend that the average guy should look to try to eat 2000-2500 Kcals per day depending on size, as a start point, and, 1700-2200 for women. Eat this evenly over 5 meals in your day around 3 hours apart. Eat some protein, complex carbs, vegetables and some fat in every meal. Then start with exercising 3 times per week. I’d advise weights, interval training or both. Train hard enough that you feel it’s a little too hard and you’ll steadily get better. You may need to eat more or less you may need to train more or less. it’s for you to work out. You’ll know it’s working if you steadily get slimmer and stronger. If you’re not then change it until you do.

Honestly, you need do nothing else. It seems so easy when I spell it out. However back to the title, it’s the one thing that almost everyone fails on, sticking with it….and that is down to you, no one else. Improve yourself or don’t, no tricks, no quick fix, it’s your choice.

If you need any more info message me via my website

Keep on liftin’

Ali ‘Fat Al’ Stewart

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