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Not fit enough to burn fat…

After the last post about managing blood sugar and the importance of having carbs in your diet, I thought it prudent to mention the subject of fitness.

What is fitness anyway? being able to run 10km without being out of breath? sort of….

Physiologically, being fit is your body’s ability to manage waste products accumulating from metabolizing your food, and which and how long each of your body’s energy systems are working at any

one time.

For fat loss, most people are interested in your body burning fat. During exercise, your body wont burn fat as its predominant fuel source immediately, it will use creatine phosphate first, then muscle glycogen before it turns to blood sugars and fats. The problem arises when you’re not fit enough to keep going passed the muscle glycogen phase and you give up because its too damn tiring.

This is one of the reasons that many people fail in their fat loss plans. You give up too soon in your training because you don’t see results quickly enough. The harsh reality is, it may take you months of hard work and effort for body to adapt that your workouts will even have an effect.

The take home message to this one is; if you want long term proper results and shift some fat for good. Forget the nonsense and put the effort in. When you think you’ve had enough, do some more. There is no such thing as ‘I tried it, it didn’t work’ or ‘it’s too hard’. Don’t give up, don’t stop and certainly don’t blame your coach, good things come to those who work hard.

Funny thing is you never hear from the guys and girls that are in great shape ‘I gave up after a few weeks because it wasn’t working…….’

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