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I love fat…

Skimmed milk, low fat spreads, low fat mayo, low fat yogurt. We are obsessed with removing this macro nutrient from our diet. Saturated fat has been the sole cause of cardiovascular illness for the past 3 decades, or so we are led to believe….

But what is so wrong with this molecule? ultimately it is formed from the same carbons and hydrogens that carbohydrates and proteins are made of.

It is an essential part of our whole body and has uses that, without it we could not survive. Fats are needed for hormone production (especially saturated fats). Fats make up 60% of your brain. Fats protect your joints, organs, muscles and nerves. Fats are the main substrate that form every single membrane of every single cell in your body…Still want to cut them out?… read on….

The reasons they were bastardized were for  because of two points. Firstly, they are 9 kcals per gram, whereas carbs and proteins are 4 kcal per gram. Which means in a society that believes that calories make you fat, it is easy to remove the fat as it will bring the calorie content right down. Secondly, in the 1950’s a Dr Keys undertook a huge study on the links between saturated fat and cardiovascular disease. It covered a number of countries and around 13,000 subjects. His conclusions were made that there was a positive link. This was then cemented after president Eisenhower had a heart attack in 1955 and Key’s research was pushed harder. Key’s then landed a position on the nutrition committee of the American heart foundation.

Key’s research was hugely flawed and was missing masses of data that contradicted his findings. In short he was wrong. The problem was now that this belief was so ingrained into the fabric of society that we all adhered to this misinformation, and we still are. The research is a fictional as the film jaws, but we’re still all afraid of sharks. It’s very hard to unbelieve what you believe. However, everyone believed the earth was flat until a bloke called Pythagoras came along and said it was round….Opinions can be changed.

Here are a few more reasons why fats are good.

Fat is essential for absorbing fat-soluble vitamins A,D, E and K which are vital for our bodies to function.Fat helps slow absorption of our food, regulates appetite and to feel full.Fat has a low insulin response as opposed to sugar which has a high insulin response. (Helps control diabetes risks and weight gain)Vitamins, nutrients and minerals like zinc, folic acid, vit A and selenium that have a vital role in life are better absorbed when eaten in conjunction with meats over fruit and veg.Fat is an excellent source of energy that lasts longer than carbs.

So the take home message is; Fat is good. Eating too much fat will make you fat, much like too much sugar and too much protein. The point being TOO MUCH. Try reducing your refined carb intake for quality fats from Nuts, seeds, oils. butter, coconut butter, eggs,fish and red meat. You will feel the difference and it will help drop that belly fat.

Keep on liftin’ Ali ‘Fat Al’ Stewart

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