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Fat thighs, big bum and moobs!

Over my years of training clients I’ve come across many of the same traits and problem areas. Most people attribute it to genetics and say “well my mum is like this so its just my shape”.  I also see people grinding away for hours on a treadmill in the vain hope that their size 14 bottom will one day match the size 10 top. The answer is actually quite straight forward, your estrogen is too high. Well, actually that is a lie, your testosterone/estrogen ratio is out of balance.

Testosterone is a male sex hormone and estrogen is a female sex hormone. Both sexes have both of these but men have around 10 times the testosterone than women. The problem is that when estrogen is too high it makes some pretty nasty things happen in respect to body condition. Estrogen will increase fat storage, and more specifically it will store it around the legs, hips and bum. More worryingly for men, it will increase breast tissue. Just when you think its already bad enough, higher fat levels increase estrogen production and the whole process is self perpetuating.

So why is estrogen too high? Mainly a bad diet. Diets high in refined sugars (linked with poor blood sugar management and insulin sensitivity, I’ve covered this before),diets high in processed foods, excess alcohol, some food additives and preservatives, randomly grapefruit, and our good friend…..hours of steady state cardio.

So how do we fix this I hear you cry? Firstly stop doing all of the above. That was easy. Eat complex carbs, good fats and clean protein in 4-6 meals a day. This will manage blood sugar and insulin. Stop boozing. By eating cleanly you eradicate additives etc. Lob your grapefruits out of the window (they taste rank anyway), and lastly, and also my favorite, go lift some weights, girls and boys please, and no ladies, you will not get all muscly and huge. Weightlifting is short and intense, it makes your muscles work far harder, it will raise your metabolism for ages after your workout and will improve your insulin sensitivity. CV will make you aerobically fitter but that is about it, so don’t waste your time.

There are a few extra bits you can do; increase fibre, increase cruciferous veg like broccoli and cauliflower, also flax-seed can help too. There are some supplements that help lower estrogen too but I would avoid these.

There you have it, lower estrogen, raise testosterone, get a small bum, nice pecs, and a happier life.

If you’d like to know more or consult with me one on one email me on

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