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Fat because you eat too much…….doubtful.

 I have been a trainer for over 10 years and in that time not one of my clients has ever given me a food diary showing that they’re eating too much, and I have trained some very overweight individuals.

The problem really is a vicious circle that effects the normal person and turns them into someone who is overweight. Before you read this it doesn’t mean it’s not your fault, it just means there is a reason why it happens without realizing, and then it’s too late.

It starts with being too inactive and a few wrong food choices. Because you’re inactive you don’t use up your muscle sugar, so, when you eat there is no room for your insulin to put the new sugars into your muscle tissue. So then your body makes more insulin to deal with the circulating sugars, but there is still no room as you’ve not burnt them through exercise. Now your insulin is high so your body feels ‘fake hungry’ as it thinks it needs sugar to deal with the elevated insulin. So you eat again, this time it’s usually junk food as it’s become a craving. Now you have really high blood sugar high insulin and nowhere for it to go, you now feel tired and your body stores all the sugar as fat.

Then you’re stuck into a routine of tiredness, over production of insulin, and excess body-fat. You don’t feel like training because you’re tired all the time, negative body image stops you working out and its really hard work, and you’re addicted to sugar. As I said it is a vicious circle that can get out of control and this can and does happen on way less calories than you could actually deal with in one day.

It can be broken….You must stop the cycle. How then?…. It’s pretty straight forward and it’s down to the very first part. You’ve got to move! If you exercise then your muscle sugar will get depleted and will constantly require new sugar from food. Keep training, keep eating and your metabolism stays high. You don’t add new fat you burn it to keep your body moving. It’s very difficult to get fat if you’re training regularly with enough intensity and you’re spreading your food over 4-6 meals. I’ve seen guys at around 85kg with single figure body fat percentages on over 4000 calories per day.  I’m currently leaning up for a show on over 3600 calories per day.

I know for most people it makes no sense as it’s drummed in over the years that you must cut calories to burn fat, but trust me on this one. If you need more information contact me via the website.

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