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Do you know what you’re eating?

This is a straight forward, short and sweet article about losing body fat. Many people complain that they cannot lose weight, yet they have absolutely no idea what they are putting in their mouths. I get that it can be a total ball ache counting calories, but it doesn’t have to be as bad as you think.

A client presented me with a food dairy and I have taken one day to show you. You can see what they were consuming daily, on this diet they were steadily getting fatter and losing muscle mass. Their fitness levels were appauling, hydration was low and overall strength was low. I have totalled the macro nutrients and calories and presented them with how many grams per kilo of bodymass. When I pointed out the errors and gave them a different diet to try I was presented with “I can’t eat all of that, I’ll get fat!”.

Compare the figures at the bottom. Suffice to say the client finally adhered to my recommendations. In conjunction with a basic progressive weight training regimen, the client gained 2.8kg lean muscle mass, dropped 6.7kg of fat massand improved hydration, fitness and strength.

The numbers speak for themselves.

Client diet.

Breakfast – tea with milk and sugar and 4 digestives

Mid-morning – a quarter ham sandwich on white bread

Late morning –  Tea milk and sugar and 2 digestives

Lunch -

Dinner – KFC

Early evening -  Tea milk and sugar

Evening/before bed– 4 bottles of beer

My diet.

Breakfast – Green tea or black coffee, muesli with Greek yoghurt and a glass of water

Mid-morning – Ryvita’s with cottage cheese and an apple, glass of water and green tea/black coffee

Lunch – tuna salad in a pitta bread and a banana, glass of water

Mid-afternoon – fruit, almonds, glass of water, green tea/black coffee

Dinner – chicken breast, mixed vegetables, rice, glass of water

Before bed – protein shake

Clients diet – Protein: – 0.7g/kg   carbs: – 2.4g/kg    fats: – 1.3g/kg     calories: – 1951

My diet –       protein: – 2.4g/kg    carbs: – 3.2g/kg   fats: – 0.6g/kg      calories: – 1850

If you’d like any help with fat loss or muscle gain, or, would like to discuss a healthy eating plan you can contact me via my website

Keep on liftin’ Ali ‘Fat Al’ Stewart

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