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Fat Al’s Gym is a gym that is designed by me for those who want to work hard not work out. You will be encouraged to hit personal bests each time you work out.

Every piece of equipment has been chosen to have a useful purpose to aid your training not to suit the latest fad. I have trained in countless gyms over the years so I know what is needed for a great work out and what is a waste of time.

Fat Al’s Gym is a place for you to work hard and excel. You will never know what your best is until you’ve trained at Fat Al’s Gym.

About Us

The Trainers

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Ali Stewart – WNBF Pro Natural Bodybuilder, CISSN

Ali loves training hard it’s in his blood. He’s been training people for over 16 years and has covered almost every style of training there is. He is a certified sports nutritionist with the ISSN and has extensive knowledge on body composition transformation. He is a pro world natural bodybuilder and is 2nd in the WNBF Pro worlds. Being a competitive natural bodybuilder he also prep coaches for aspiring bodybuilders and physique athletes.

There isn’t much Ali doesn’t know about training, fitness, muscle gain, and fat loss.

He spends a lot of his spare time researching training techniques and I likes to try them out so he can devise the best plan for his clients.

” As Personal trainer, Pro natural bodybuilder, nutritional consultant and fitness columnist. I’ve been weight training for 20 years. Been there, done it and got the t-shirt. There’s not much I don’t know about training. “ 

Direct call for PT 07837457763








Luke Austin

Luke’s key to success is his passion, his ambition, determination and practical knowledge is what allows him to ensure his clients achieve everything and often more than what they original set out to do.

specializes in body fat reduction, body building, and strength and conditioning

He has competed in martial arts and in athletics at county level.

“ The reason I can achieve these results is because everything I put my clients through I first have tried and tested, because of this I am constantly adapting programs for maximum results “










Bianca Mills

Bianca is a very passionate and dedicated Personal Trainer. Focusing mainly on training females, she understands the hard work and consistency it takes to get the results you want. Whether that be fat loss, strength goals or even building confidence in the gym environment, Bianca can help you achieve any goal. Bianca offers 1-2-1 Personal Training sessions as well as being the Founder of group training sessions "Ladies That Lift", she can also help offer advice on nutrition and lifestyle coaching alongside this.


Give Bianca a call or email for your free consultation to see how she could help you. 






Dzenana Johnson

My fitness journey truly accelerated in my late 30s. 


I have always been active and gone to the gym. After years of cardio and achieving a lean, but not particularly muscular appearance I wanted to make a meaningful change to my physique. I started weight training and after a year I competed in bodybuilding on a national level. My transformation led me to believe that change is possible and available to all of us and can be hugely rewarding to ones self confidence and sense of achievement. 


I was intrigued by the sports science behind the transformation so I decided to complete a personal trainer course. Now I am able to help others reach their potential. Whether it is weight loss, strength and conditioning or building muscle, I can help you. 



































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