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Ali Stewart – WNBF Pro Natural BodybuilderFQ3A9943

Ali loves training hard it’s in his blood. He’s been training people for over 16 years and has covered almost every style of training there is. He is a certified sports nutritionist with the ISSN and has extensive knowledge on body composition transformation. He is a pro world natural bodybuilder and is 2nd in the WNBF Pro worlds. Being a competitive natural bodybuilder he also prep coaches for aspiring bodybuilders and physique athletes.

There isn’t much Ali doesn’t know about training, fitness, muscle gain, and fat loss.

He spends a lot of his spare time researching training techniques and I likes to try them out so he can devise the best plan for his clients.

” As Personal trainer, Pro natural bodybuilder, nutritional consultant and fitness columnist. I’ve been weight training for 20 years. Been there, done it and got the t-shirt. There’s not much I don’t know about training. “


lukeLuke Austin

Luke’s key to success is his passion, his ambition, determination and practical knowledge is what allows him to ensure his clients achieve everything and often more than what they original set out to do.

specializes in body fat reduction, body building, and strength and conditioning

He has competed in martial arts and in athletics at county level.

“ The reason I can achieve these results is because everything I put my clients through I first have tried and tested, because of this I am constantly adapting programs for maximum results “


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